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In The First Place....

Welcome to this website, where you will find information about some of the products and services that we offer.

If you would like a new fitted kitchen, we can provide you with one.  Following an initial consultation and survey, we can offer you a wide choice in style, storage features and appliances.  We will take care to produce a design that you like, along with a reasonably priced quotation.  We can then manage the installation project on your behalf.

If you would like some research carried out on your property, or plans and photographs to provide a record for legal or heirloom purposes, we would also be pleased to help.   We can help you to reduce risks associated with legal contracts, or provide future generations with a carefully decided glimpse of the place where you live.

If you are a tradesperson, we can offer some business support services.  We understand construction sector work and would be pleased to help you to develop your enterprise.

If there is land attached to your building that you would like some help with, please let us know.  From obtaining planning permissions, to designing a kitchen garden, or just bringing the lawns and borders back under control.  

Hopefully, you have survived the flooding this year.  If you are inundated, we can help you with anything from eco-cleaning to introducing precautions to prevent a future disaster.  We also retail a number of household products and sundry goods to make you feel better and to help you save the planet.

Kinder Cultured Ltd
is a "Design" company.  
"Design" involves thinking about how to make things in the future, communicating those ideas to others, and specifying the right resources so that they may become real.
"Design" can help us to survive, recover from and avoid hardships, transforming the way we live or work for the better.   

Almost everything can be designed, including the way we occupy a particular place,
a family kitchen, or a garden, to a professional office.  

"Design" can result from routine service delivery, or a challenging investigation.
"Design" can develop a situation which might otherwise deteriorate, and add something special that the beneficiary could not otherwise appreciate. 

If you are interested in home or business improvements, and a Kinder Cultured outcome appeals to you, a meeting with us could be the first step towards realising your aspirations. 

We believe that we offer very good value for money.


Telephone:  01273 814459
Text:  077 8853 2060

In The First Place....Our Kinder ThingsOur Kinder ServicesPlease Contact UsOur Kinder GalleryKitchen Blog